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The new boys david macdougall 2003 2

The New Boys

David MacDougall / AU, 2003 / 100 min.

MacDougall’s Doon School project monitors the life in Foot House (North-India), one of the dormitories for recently arrived boys at Doon School. In a world of conflict and loneliness, but also trust and friendship, children develop various strategies for survival. This poignant documentary follows the boys as they navigate a course between fear and confidence.

Poster the new boys


Screened to accompany the exhibition Francis Alÿs - Children”s Games. A special part of the oeuvre of Francis Alÿs is an impressive series on children”s games that are played throughout the world.



David MacDougall

Production year




Original title

The New Boys


100 min.



Part of

Francis Alÿs

This winter, Eye Filmmuseum is presenting a major exhibition of work by the Belgian-Mexican artist Francis Alÿs. Alÿs is primarily known for his playful videos that are both engaged and poetic. These imaginative and rich observations of daily life are set in sometimes politically-charged moments and places. A big spatial installation at Eye provides the setting for his impressive series Children’s Games.

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Children's Game 10 (Francis Alÿs)
The new boys david macdougall 2003
David macdougall
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