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The Story of Looking: gesprek met Mark Cousins & vertoning De jeugd van Ivan

Presentation of Mark Cousins' latest book. Film historian Helen Westerik talks with the filmmaker and film critic who became widely known with his documentary series The Story of Film. Followed by the screening of Andrei Tarkovski’s Ivan’s Childhood.

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In his The Story of Looking, filmmaker and writer Mark Cousins takes us on a tour – in words and images – through the history of looking, through how our looking selves develop in the course of time, and how looking has changed through the centuries. All ways of looking are discussed, from famous works of art to tourist photographs, from cityscapes to cinema, from science to propaganda, from false mirrors to the great visionary ideas: to look is to construct. Once you've read the book, you'll never see things the same way again.

Mark Cousins became widely known with his documentary series The Story of Film (2011), which also appeared in book form.

Ivan”s Childhood(Andrei Tarkovski, 1962, 97”, Russian spoken., Dutch subtitles., 35mm, from EYE”s collection)

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