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The Weimar Touch: lezing Rainer Rother & Love in the Afternoon

Lecture by historian Rainer Rother (in English) on the influence of Weimar period films on Billy Wilder’s American films, especially Love in the Afternoon and Some Like It Hot. Followed by the screening of Love in the Afternoon.

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Rainer Rother is artistic director of the Deutsche Kinemathek (Berlin) and head of the Berlinale Retrospektive. He has a number of publications to his name, including a book on Leni Riefenstahl, and organized the Berlin Film Festival's 2013 retrospective The Weimar Touch.

Screened in 35mm (From Eye”s collection). A collaboration with the Goethe Institute Amsterdam.


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Sweet & Sour: The Films of Billy Wilder

The legendary screenwriter and Hollywood director Billy Wilder was a brilliant word artist. His Oscar-winning classics are brimming with irresistible and cynical humour: incredibly funny, bold and incisive.

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