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The Wind

The Wind

Victor Sjöström / US, 1928 / 88 min.

The last silent film by diva Lillian Gish and director Viktor Sjöström reflects the struggle of a refined East Coast lady with the realities of the Wild West. Gish’s acting anticipates the expressive style of later Hollywood melodramas. With live accompaniment by pianist Hilde Nash.  

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Letty (Gish), a young woman of genteel upbringing with refined manners, travels to a lonely ranch in the middle of the prairie. Letty”s soul and body rebel against the harsh conditions in the Wild West.

Lillian Gish, an actress renowned for her understated acting, performs her role in The Wind with extraordinary expressiveness, an acting style that would become mainstream in the melodramas of the nascent sound film.

With live accompaniment by pianist Hilde Nash. Nash performs for the Cinematek in Brussels and for Cinema Zuid, Amsterdam. She not only improvises on the piano but also with her voice.



Victor Sjöström

Production year




Original title

The Wind


88 min.