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TiF! Exposing the Film Apparatus: The Magic Lantern

In conversation with guests, Giovanna Fossati (chief curator at EYE and professor of Film Heritage at the UvA) addresses a wide range of film heritage projects. Each session consists of a (guest) lecture, a Q&A and a film screening, often accompanied by live music.

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This session will be dedicated to the fascinating world of the magic lantern, the most important means of entertainment and education across nineteenth-century Europe. Through the case of A Million Pictures, a three-year international research project (2015-2018), guest speaker Sarah Dellmann will address how researchers and archivists join forces in the preservation of magic lantern slides collections in libraries and museums across Europe. Furthermore, she will draw upon some examples of how this historical material is used in contemporary artistic practices.

Part of the lecture is a special magic lantern show with historical slides, performed by the well-known lanternist duo Annet Duller and Wim Bos.

Guest: Sarah Dellmann (lecturer at Utrecht University, researcher project A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slide Heritage as Artefacts in the Common European History of Learning)


Magic lantern show by Annet Duller and Wim Bos. With live music (Martin de Ruiter)

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This is Film! 2017

From April 3 to May 15, Eye and the University of Amsterdam present This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice, a series of public lectures at Eye devoted to notable projects in the field of film restoration and film heritage. Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator at Eye and Professor of Film Heritage at the UvA) addresses, in the course of six lectures, various recent restoration projects and presentation forms of film heritage, varying from pre-cinema to recent experimental films and Hollywood classics.

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