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Tombée de nuit sur Shanghai

Chantal Akerman / FR, 2007 / 15 min.

The skyline of Shanghai at night as seen through Chantal Akerman’s camera. She films the soulless artificiality of a commercial light show projected on the highrise buildings of the city.

Chantalakerman narrowcast 1080x1795

Followed by the hypnotic Hotel Monterey, where Chantal Akerman and her DP Babette Mangolte move from reception to roof, elevators to rooms, traversing each floor and recording the transient life inside the hotel and the building's austere, shabby period decor.

The exhibition Chantal Akerman - Passages includes an installation based on images of Tombée de Nuit sur Shanghaï and presents Hotel Monterey as a single screen projection.



Chantal Akerman

Production year




Original title

Tombée de nuit sur Shanghai


15 min.







Part of

Chantal Akerman

This summer, Eye Filmmuseum is presenting a major solo exhibition of work by Chantal Akerman. Akerman was one of the first film directors who made the switch to visual art. She rose to fame in the 1970s as a feminist avant-garde filmmaker, and midway through the 1990s, she discovered the possibilities of the art gallery.

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campaign image Chantal Akerman - Passages, still from Hotel Monterey
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