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Researchlabs 2021: UvA

University of Amsterdam: A Cinematic Voyage through Gender Expressions

In her seminal book “Gender Trouble” (1990), philosopher Judith Butler introduced the concept of performativity to describe the socially-constructed formation of gender. According to her, we are all performing our gender, regardless of whether or not our “performance” is gender-conforming or not.

Poster Researchlabs 2021 Uv A

Taking this concept of “performativity” as our starting point, this program is intended as a broad showcase of a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction films—from the silent era to the today, and from Italy to Brazil—that feature gender performance at the level of narrative (textual) and/or on the level of narration (acting). Taken together, our selections are far from exhaustive, but highlight how the politics of representation are not static and reflect different political, social, and cultural contexts.

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