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still from Volcano (Roman Bondarchuk, UA/DE 2018)


Roman Bondarchuk / UA, DEUZE, 2018 / 104 min.

In this wryly funny, absurdist road trip, an interpreter gets stuck in southern Ukraine where he discovers an anarchist parallel universe. Roman Bondarchuk is a new voice in Ukrainian cinema and this surreal story is his feature film debut.

poster Volcano (Roman Bondarchuk, UA/DE 2018)
Interpreter Lukas gets stuck during an inspection of a military checkpoint slightly north of the Crimea during. The lost city boy finds shelter at the home of the colourful Vova. He guides him through a world that outstrips his imagination, a universe in which life seems entirely divorced from any recognisable structure. He becomes fascinated by his host and the latter’s daughter Marushka, who he falls in love with after which Lukas' initial contempt for rural life, makes way for happiness he never knew could exist.

The proceeds of ticket sales will go to the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre, the largest Ukrainian film archive.

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Roman Bondarchuk

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Kino Ukraïna

This month, Eye is screening ten films by filmmakers who were born or who work (or have worked) in Ukraine, a country that ever since the Maidan Revolution has been fighting for recognition of its unique history, language and culture.

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campaign image Kino Ukraïna, still from Zemlya (Earth) (Alexander Dovzhenko, SU 1930)
still from Volcano (Roman Bondarchuk, UA/DE 2018)
still from Volcano (Roman Bondarchuk, UA/DE 2018)
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