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Researchlabs 2023 VR Academy

VRAcademy – Let Nature Heal

/ 630 min.

Every year students of the Amsterdam University of the Arts get the chance to apply for a research period at the VRSpace (VRAcademy) on the Marineterrein. Visual Effects & Immersive Media student Jacco Kooistra will show an early version of his VR project with which he will graduate from the Netherlands Film Academy in June 2023.

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Jacco Kooistra: 'As humans we are above all living things, at least that's what we think, why are we better than other organisms? Just because we can better communicate our emotions and ideals with our peers, does this justify our greed toward everything Mother Nature has made for millions of years? Is a tree really lifeless or do we simply not understand its form of communication? We as humans utilize nature for our own selfish ways of living.

'Every creature wants to reproduce and survive and it uses its environment for this, including using other organisms. Without this system of survival, there is no natural life cycle and the food chain as we know it, would not exist. But humanity's disconnected outlook on nature due to egotistical beliefs and ideals has placed them above every other living organism. The taming of the 'wilderness' has caused vast problems; the selfish and capitalist thinking of today's man is a dangerous ticking time bomb that is soon to explode. Can this tragedy be prevented, or is the urge for humanity to survive and prosper so powerful that it is insurmountable?

Western conveniences

'Our society has lost contact with the Earth in the last few centuries. Because of the western conveniences of everyday life, we no longer stop to think about how much is truly needed in order to produce what we consume every day. Do we as homosapiens have a God complex? Have we fallen out of balance with our planet? Perhaps a new experience may provide answers to these questions.

'We are part of this symbiotic relationship, just like any other organism on earth. Every human touch, every human action, has an impact on this symbiosis, whether positive or negative. We must realize that our relationship with everything around us is just as crucial as rain is for nurturing a tree, but how long will it take for humanity to realize this?

'With Let Nature Heal, I hope to let viewers experience our disconnected relationship with nature and to experience Mother Nature's beautiful cycle of giving back and sustaining itself.'

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VRAcademy – Let Nature Heal


630 min.





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Researchlabs 2023

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