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still from War Note (Roman Liubyi, UA 2020)

War Note

Roman Liubyi / UA, 2020 / 72 min.

War Note is a surreal journey to the front line of the war in Ukraine. Plus three short films by Babylon ’13, a Ukrainian documentary collective. Ukrainian director Mariia Ponomarova will be on hand to introduce the films.

poster War Note (Roman Liubyi, UA 2020)
War Note consists of personal videos from the phones, camcorders, cameras and GoPros of Ukrainian soldiers and incorporates these into this surreal journey to the frontline of the war with Russia. The film shows a bizarre world whose laws are very different from those we know. Everything is different than in peace time, the behaviour, relationships and the humour. The soldiers wake up and fall asleep, rejoice and cry, there's this constant feeling that the recording may end at any moment.

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Roman Liubyi

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War Note


72 min.


Ukrainian, Russian





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Kino Ukraïna

This month, Eye is screening ten films by filmmakers who were born or who work (or have worked) in Ukraine, a country that ever since the Maidan Revolution has been fighting for recognition of its unique history, language and culture.

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campaign image Kino Ukraïna, still from Zemlya (Earth) (Alexander Dovzhenko, SU 1930)
still from War Note (Roman Liubyi, UA 2020)
still from War Note (Roman Liubyi, UA 2020)
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