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When Forever Dies

Peet Gelderblom / NL, 2020 / 109 min.

Virtuoso collage of film fragments from the vast Eye Filmmuseum collection is an epic ode to the classic film melodrama. 

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Their names are Forever Man and Forever Woman. They are embodied by actors and actresses from long-gone eras, but also by cartoon characters and puppet animations. Together they narrate the story of the euphoric ups and tragic downs of human existence. When Forever Dies, a virtuoso collage of film fragments from the Eye Filmmuseum archive, is an epic ode to the classic film melodrama.

the art of editing

In 2018, Peet Gelderblom treated the Imagine audience to his magnificent video essay about the different versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Gelderblom became known worldwide for his re-cut of Brian de Palma”s Raising Cain, which received the blessing of the master himself.

This year he takes the art of editing to an even higher level with a film completely constructed out of fragments of dozens of films from the immense Eye Filmmuseum archive. Silent Dutch peasant dramas, but also genre classic Carnival of Souls; stunning puppet animation by Joop Geesink, but also Murnau”s Faust – Gelderblom gathered what he needed and forged it all into a unique viewing experience.

Screening in collaboration with and part of the hybrid edition of the Imagine Film Festival from 28 August through 6 September.



Peet Gelderblom

Production year




Original title

When Forever Dies


109 min.



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