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still from When Harry Met Sally... (Rob Reiner, US 1989)

When Harry Met Sally.....

Rob Reiner / US, 1989 / 96 min.

Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) take years to find out that they are attracted to one another. Rob Reiner is responsible for one of the wittiest one-liner romcoms ever made – the screenplay is by Nora Ephron. “I‘ll have what she’s having.”

poster When Harry Met Sally... (Rob Reiner, US 1989)
Sometimes two people are made for each other – it’s just that they themselves don’t realise it. This is emphatically true of students at the University of Chicago, Harry and Sally. In 1977, they end up in a car together on their way to New York to start their careers. Harry tries to convince Sally that men and women can never be friends, because sexual attraction always gets in the way.

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Rob Reiner

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When Harry Met Sally.....


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still from When Harry Met Sally... (Rob Reiner, US 1989)
still from When Harry Met Sally... (Rob Reiner, US 1989)
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