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still White Material (Claire Denis, FR/CM 2009)

White Material

Claire Denis / FR, CM, 2009 / 104 min.

The threat of an approaching rebel army of child soldiers cannot persuade manager Maria to abandon her coffee plantation. Isabelle Huppert delivers another brilliant performance in Claire Denis’ portrait of a group of neo-colonials who seem blithely unaware that their presence is not wanted.

poster White Material (Claire Denis, FR/CM 2009)
It will only take a few days, says Maria, to harvest the coffee beans at the plantation that her in-laws have owned since time immemorial. That a murdering army of child soldiers is nearby, seems not to phase Maria one bit.

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This movie contains scenes of violencePersons under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult


Claire Denis

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White Material


104 min.







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Claire Denis

Eye screens an extensive retrospective of the work of one of France’s most important filmmakers: Claire Denis. In her films, Claire Denis probes the consequences of colonialism and the feeling of being an outsider, devoting particular attention to family tensions, sensuality, desire and the body. The programme features new restorations of her films, with Chocolat (4K) and Beau travail (4K) appearing on the big screen in the Netherlands for the first time.

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campaign image Claire Denis – Trouble-Making Magic
still White Material (Claire Denis, FR/CM 2009)
still White Material (Claire Denis, FR/CM 2009)
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