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Whity 1971 rainer werner fassbinder 1


Rainer Werner Fassbinder / DEUZE, 1971 / 95 min.

This film by Fassbinder was never released in the Netherlands. Shot in a town near Almeria in the southeast of Spain, it is a Western-style melodrama on cruelty, humiliation and American archetypes. Whity was the source of inspiration for Paul McCarthy's DADDA currently featured in Eye’s Xtended programme.

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder

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Virtual Reality productions are an increasingly important element of the contemporary film experience. Eye has created a new programme, Xtended, to focus on VR. In Xtended, you’re not confronted with the flat surface of a film screen. You move around virtually in 3D through a designed space that surrounds and immerses you on all sides.

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Xtended: Angels in Amsterdam in Eye © Tibor Dieters
Whity 1971 rainer werner fassbinder 2
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