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Window Horses

Ann Marie Fleming / CA, 2016 / 100 min.

Window Horses, a poignant feature from Canadian filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming, tells the story of Rosie Ming, a naïve young woman of mixed descent who travels abroad for the first time, to a poetry festival in Iran.

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Through this awkward experience, Rosie discovers the world, her family and herself. Window Horses is a touching tale that traces the pain, confusion and wonder of multiculturalism, immigration, cultural stereotypes and identity.

Raouf Alaiawill be reciting a poem before the screening of the film, He was born in Shiraz, in a poetic & artistic family of Nomadic decent. He moved to Europe with his family in his teenage years. Since the age of 5, he has been involved with classical Persian literature and writing his own poetry in Farsi & later in English. In the past years he has been experimenting with his literary work through film & performance, commonly based on spiritual & psychological contemplation.

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