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Workshop Filming Without a Camera

Workshop Filmen zonder camera

Workshop Filmen zonder camera

Make a film together using real strips of celluloid! You will draw, stick something on or do anything you can imagine to the celluloid first. Afterwards, you will take a miniature projector with a candle home with you. (Ages 7 and up)

poster Workshop Filmen zonder camera
One of the first things you think of when you think of making a film is a camera. However, during this workshop, you will make your own film without a camera. You will be given the opportunity to work directly on a strip of celluloid. You can draw on it, punch holes in it, stick things onto it, etc. afterwards, you will watch your creations and then convert your strip of film into a miniature film projector with a candle inside, for you to take home!

The workshop will be led by Silvia Ulloa. Not suitable for children’s parties. Ages: 7 and up.

An accompanying adult is allowed (free of charge), but is not required.


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60 min.

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Workshop Filming Without a Camera
Workshop Filming Without a Camera
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