Onderdeel van Researchlabs 2018

Sandberg - Blood from a Turnip

Het podium is vandaag aan een nieuwe lichting curatoren en kunstenaars. Studenten van acht kunstacademies en universiteiten stellen een programma samen met nieuw werk, remixes van films of korte historische avant-gardefilms uit de collectie van EYE. Het Sandberg Instituut presenteert Blood from a Turnip.

In de Researchlabs presenteren studenten van acht opleidingen ieder een programma van een uur. Researchlabs geven ruimte aan het onverwachte en zijn vaak een kruisbestuiving met andere kunstvormen zoals performances of beeldende kunst. Researchlabs bieden ook de mogelijkheid om onderzoek te doen in EYE’s collectie en stimuleren zo de talentontwikkeling van een nieuwe lichting curatoren en kunstenaars. De voertaal is Engels.

Blood from a Turnip


The work of the artists in Blood from a Turnip is based on filmmaking processes as a strategy for revealing hidden information - the camera drawing out and giving form to the invisible. Reflecting the long tradition of cinema itself being used as a prosthesis for exploring haunted houses, the cameras of BfaT are turned towards depicting ghostly and abstract entities inhabiting mundane structures. Using filmmaking as a mediator, incorporeal forces like international bureaucracy, the financial market and chemical hallucination are reluctantly bound to tangible forms: architectural models, board games, party decorations and recipes.

In Alice Dos Reis’ The Real Estate Render Blackout, a power cut is virtually induced in a 3D real estate rendering. Views of luxury interiors in almost absolute darkness follow as the environments’ virtual characters, real estate agencies, consumers and other entities are forced to face and adjust to their unexpectedly dark reality.

Tom Kemp’s Difficult Salad employs a developmental card game as a journalistic filmmaking tool. Primary sources representing the legal, spiritual and personal are documented attempting to design a game themed around the topic of international marriage. Positioned somewhere between a panel discussion and a ouija board, the game design functions as a strategy for drawing out unconscious positions and possible consensus from its participants.

The Chapel, by Loui Meeuwissen, is a place where memories, dreams and hallucinations are exhibited on pedestals and trapped in objects that display a fascination with the club scene and the decorations that are used. Anecdotal texts relating to these intangible experiences are narrated by a person poised between childlike naivety and studied sophistication.

The Scent of Time by Tatsuhiko Togashi, is a collage of footage foraging for the flavorful moments of the gastronomical landscape - a cooked film instead of a cooking show. The camera is not the observer recording a dinner, but a participant with its own unique sensory system for savoring time. The film is a cooking pot in which boundaries between ingredients and materials, food and utensils are dissolved and are mingled with each other to ultimately reveal the materiality of taste.