Cinemateca Brasileira

by Ines Aisengart Menezes (Cinemateca Brasileira)

Abstract: A case study of the audio-visual preservation challenges and practices at the Cinemateca Brasileira since 2017. Cinemateca is the main film heritage institution in Brazil, with vast AV and film-related collections, three screens and an almost fully equipped photochemical and digital lab. After a prolific decade of work, due to a political crisis in 2013, the entire technical staff was fired. It was partially hired back in 2016 – just after a fire that destroyed the nitrate collection. Throughout 2017 some basic services were suspended, endangering the collection until a meagre technical staff was hired in June. Nevertheless, some development has been made since, such as a deep analysis of the film collection database, the start of a preservation inventory of the Brazilian filmography, the standardization of internal documentation and lab processing of deteriorated material.

Ines Aisengart Menezes is an AV Preservationist at the Cinemateca Brasileira since May 2016 and Co-curator of the 2017 and 2018 editions of the heritage symposium at the film festival CineOP. She holds a BA degree in Film Studies in Brazil and a MA degree from the P&P programme (2013-2015). She worked at EYE Filmmuseum for a year after the graduation. Previously, she worked in AV preservation and industry in Brazil – funding, distribution and festivals.