Empowering Artists to be in Control of their Artworks: LIMA’s Artwork Documentation Tool

by Mila van der Weide & Rachel Somers Miles (LIMA)

Abstract: Due to the obsolescence of software, hardware and network infrastructures, born-digital artworks are the subject of constant technological change and rapid obsolescence. As such, museums, galleries and collectors are often more reticent to take works of this nature into collections. In this context it is key that artists understand the importance of documenting and preserving their own works. For these reasons and more, LIMA created the Artwork Documentation Tool to empower artists to feel in control of their own artworks to be able to present them now and in the future, which in effect further supports the wider landscape of media art preservation and presentation. This presentation shares the tool’s background, development, how it works and next steps.

Rachel Somers Miles (CA/NL) is a P&P graduate. She is a Researcher and Project Coordinator at LIMA, working on the Future Proof project, which focused on researching the documentation and preservation of born-digital interactive installations, and Art Host where she developed an online tool to assist artists of born-digital work in documenting their artworks. She is also coordinator of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision's recent international AV Think Tank, and continues to work with artists and writers in the realm of art and digital culture by consulting, editing and managing publications, exhibitions and projects.

Mila van der Weide (NL) graduated in 2015 from P&P. She interned at S.M.A.K. (Ghent, Belgium) and continued to work at Cinematek (Brussels) on a film identification/digitisation project on Flemish film heritage. Since March 2017 Mila has worked at LIMA as Assistant in Conservation and Documentation. She is currently involved in Art Host, a two-year research project that focuses on the preservation of born-digital art with a focus on net art, and working with the Artwork Documentation Tool.