La Red del Cine Doméstico (The Network of Home Movies)

by Clara Sánchez-Dehesa Galán (Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola/La Red del Cine Domestico) & Salvador Vivancos (La Red del Cine Domestico)

Abstract: La Red del Cine Doméstico (The Network of Home Movies) has developed an environment open to any project which goals are recovering, valorising and spreading home movies to make them widely accessible on the Internet. Independent and diverse initiatives within the Spanish territory have joined to work on home movies, cooperatively but maintaining its own independence. The results since 2013: four national meetings, twenty-four projects (also institutions and film archives), the constitution of an official organisation and the design of a flexible database focused on home movies preservation and access. This tool is due to be launched at in September 2018, and La Red del Cine Doméstico is calling other European projects to join.

Clara Sánchez-Dehesa Galán studied Film Preservation in the L. Jeffrey Selznick School, where she received the Haghefilm Scholarship 2011. She combines her freelance work, focuses on recovery and dissemination of Alava's hidden film heritage, with the coordination of the Film Preservation Studies Department of the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola.

Salvador Vivancos López is an Audio-Visual Artist and Art Historian who works on home movies preservation as an art form. See also: