The Lake relies on the Streams that fill it: Sustainability, Collaboration and Engagement in Community-led Moving Image Collections as Contributors to Wider Film Archive Ecologies

by Maya Darrell Hewins (Shetland College, University of the Highlands and Islands)

Abstract: An introduction to my research into sustainability and ideas of value for managers of community moving image collections, and the role of these collections within wider archive services. Using the volunteer-led Shetland Film Archive as a study, I will explore the social motivation and digital potential/pressure on the groups that manage community collections, as well as the impact of institutional structures and policies of culture and heritage on their work. In my research I aim to address these institutional hierarchies and the relationship between technical and societal demands on archives in order to suggest ways in which moving image collections can be of lasting value to their communities.

Maya Darrell Hewins is a 2016 P&P graduate and a Doctoral Student at Shetland College, University of the Highlands and Islands (UK).