The Legal and Ethical Implications of Reusing Audio-visual Records of Social Movements and Dissent, and of Reusing Audio-visual Records of Everyday Life in New Social and Political Contexts

by Melanie Louise Brown (Bournemouth University)

Abstract: Legal and ethical issues surrounding the collection and reuse of any audio-visual materials are complicated, and even more so when the material is political or intended to be used in a political context. This presentation will focus on the legal ‘moral rights’ of audio-visual material authors, including the rights of integrity and the right to object to derogatory treatment of their work. The ethical implications (such as privacy and public decency) of such reuse and distribution also need to be considered. It will be discussed how these rights should be (and currently are) interpreted by archives in choosing whether and how to authorise reuse of this material. The moral rights focused on in this presentation will primarily be those of the UK and Netherlands.

Melanie Louise Brown is a PhD Candidate at Bournemouth University. Melanie’s research involves a consideration of copyright law and the film industry within the European Digital Single Market, focusing on moral copyright laws.