The Peeping Archivist: A Case for Building a Strong Professional Community

by Britt Patterson, Sarah Vandegeerde and Marina Butt (The Peeping Archivist)

Abstract: The Peeping Archivist is a website dedicated to building a truly international and diverse community of moving image archivists by both showcasing and helping cultivate the skills, knowledge and awareness needed to preserve and make accessible our moving image heritage.

As a grassroots effort, The Peeping Archivist seeks to promote diversity and inclusivity within not only audio-visual collections, but also the profession itself. The website aims to provide a platform for the lived, heterogeneous experiences of race, gender, class and sexuality, as well as the unofficial narratives and practices which form the fabric of cultural heritage.

Archivists are encouraged to contribute to The Peeping Archivist through blog posts – in the format and language of their choosing – and by helping to build practical resources such as a calendar of events, information on archives and a list of resources.

The Peeping Archivist is the joint effort of three P&P alumni: Sarah Vandegeerde (Operation Specialist, BFI National Archive, UK), Marina Butt (PhD Student in the material analysis of early film colour, University of Zurich/HTW Berlin) and Britt Patterson (Collaborator at Home Movies Archive, IT).