The Way We Were: Misty Watercolour Memories

by Katrine Madsbjerg (Danish Film Institute)

Abstract: What do memories look like if you grew up with no one taking pictures of your first step or your first day at school? And how can you tell if a road is Danish and not German?

Together with The Welfare Museum in Svendborg and the regional museum for southern Denmark, Museum Sønderjylland, we are exploring thousands of photographs and footage from our shared film heritage to reveal hidden and forgotten stories of Danish history, as well as opening up our archive to co-curate with a select group of Danish museums upcoming exhibitions and cultural projects.

However, important as they are, these partnerships raise questions of ethics and morality that cannot be ignored. In this talk, I will take you on a journey through our co-curated digitization process and share with you what we’ve learned so far.

Katrine Madsbjerg has a Master’s degree in History from Copenhagen University, and is an Archivist at the Danish Film Institute.