To Preserve is to Resist: The Case of the Public Video Production Centre in Ferrara (Italy)

by Mariela Cantù (Arca Video Argentino) & Lisa Parolo (University of Udine)

Abstract: This collaborative presentation takes into consideration two problematically similar situations, i.e. Argentinian and Italian analogue video preservation. The presentation will analyse the case study of the 2015 re-enactment of the video exhibition that took place in Turin in 1980 (Videoarte a Palazzo dei Diamanti. 1973-1979). Comparing what historians have considered as video art and video practices in the last decades with what was considered to be video (art) in 1980, there is still a lot to be said on video history. In this context, analogue video preservation offers the possibility of focusing on undervalued materials, discovering (counter) histories, giving birth to diversified meanings and registering a different set of poetics and politics of social self-representation; thus, it becomes a political project.

Mariela Cantú is an Audio-Visual Archivist, focused on analogue video preservation. She has created the project Arca Video Argentino, an archive and database of Argentinian video art. She is a P&P graduate.

Lisa Parolo is a Post-doc Research Fellow at the University of Udine. She is Coordinator of the video sector of the Lab La Camera Ottica of the University of Udine and she is Lecturer in Video and Film Preservation and Digital Archiving.