“Vision in Motion”, Thought in Process: Research Fellowships as Hybrid Workshops for the Intermittent Movement of Critical Enquiry

by Sofia Pires

Abstract: Research placements in the context of audio-visual archival institutions create a hybrid space of enquiry between practice and theory. A space that is crucial for the training of archivists capable of critically engaging with and interrogating the theoretical underpinnings and outreach of their decisions inside the archive. Drawing on my experience as a research fellow at the Wim Wenders Stiftung, I will look at research positions and fellowships in the context of audio-visual archival institutions as enduring, even if a priori intangible, forms of critically activating 21st century archives.

Sofia Pires has recently graduated from the P&P programme. Currently, she works as a research fellow for the Wim Wenders Stiftung where she pursues her interests in preservation in collaboration with living filmmakers, in the production of living forms of moving image legacy and in film heritage programming.