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Framing Traces // Research Presentations 3

The Artistic Research Week of the Master of Film takes place from 23 - 28 June at EYE and Grootlab. This year's graduates will present the process and outcomes of their research. They are filmmakers and visual artists from all over the world, working with film. Grouped under the theme of Framing Traces, these 11 graduates will be sharing their cinematic explorations into memory, ethics, family structures and loneliness.

Posterbeeld 11

Louis Liu, Revisiting the Future, presentation

Louis Liu presents his autobiographical documentary project “Red Kid, Black Kid”. In this film in development he questions power relations within his own family as well as in China under Mao. Louis will elaborate on how he struggled to find his own voice, when working with historical footage as well as family archives. He will also explain about how he tries to bring the language of graphic design and video art into his documentary practice.

Gustavo Lorgia Garnica, Coming out of the Indigenous Closet, research presentation

“Which are the challenges and limitations of studying indigenous philosophy within a western, eurocentric frame? In this presentation, I open up my artistic research to evidence the failures, accomplishments and questions gathered during my ethnographic journeys through Colombia.


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