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still Along the Way (Mijke de Jong, NL 2022)

Along the Way

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Mijke de Jong / NL, GR, 2022 / 80 min.

The moving story of two refugees trying to reach Fortress Europe was inspired by Mijke de Jong’s voluntary work at the infamous Moria refugee camp on Lesbos where she met the Afghan twins Nahid and Malihe. Touched by their story, ambitions and talent, De Jong decided to collaborate with the sisters. This resulted in a moving, powerful film about their experiences.

poster Along the Way (Mijke de Jong, NL 2022)

On their flight to Europe, twin sisters Zahra and Fatima are separated from their family during an ambush on the Turkish-Iranian border. During the ensuing chaos they run the wrong way, back into Iran. While looking after themselves and not knowing who to trust, they make a second dangerous attempt to reach Europe. Surviving in a hostile world means they face choices and dilemmas that sorely test their symbiotic relationship and their consciences.

Award-winning Dutch filmmaker Mijke de Jong based her film on the experiences of Nahid and Malihe Razaie (Zahra and Fatima), who she met providing film workshops for young refugees at the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos.

The deeply moving, empathetic Along the Way intelligently avoids every form of sentimentality, rising above the political correctness thereby creating sufficient room for your own interpretations and thoughts. Not just the flawlessly acting twins, but the entire cast consists of refugees waiting for their opportunity to enter Fortress Europe in the hope of finding safety there.

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Watch the video-essay by Noemí/Now You See Me Moria.


Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 9 years must be accompanied by an adult


Mijke de Jong

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Along the Way


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still Along the Way (Mijke de Jong, NL 2022)
still Along the Way (Mijke de Jong, NL 2022)

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