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Now and soon in Eye

campaign image Badlands, illustration © Isa Grütter
illustration © Isa Grütter


Up-and-coming Dutch film talent at Eye: Badlands is a bi-monthly platform that enables new makers to present their work and talk about their great examples, dreams and ideals.

In an illustration on a pink background, abstract colourful shapes make up a multitude of clown-like faces expressing different emotions


Every Sunday morning, children aged 2 to 6 are treated to a film, followed by experiments with light and shadow in small play tents.

campaign image Eye Classics
© René Gast & Yvonne Kroese (

Eye Classics

Eye now brings film history even closer with Eye Classics. On the big screen, screened in 35mm whenever possible.

still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)
still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)

Eye on Art

Ongoing series with programming on the intersection between film and other arts.

Eye on Sound: live music in Eye's arena
Eye on Sound: live music in Eye's arena

Eye on Sound

Eye focuses on the dynamic relationship between sound and vision in different thematic programmes. Together they are Eye on Sound.

In a brightly coloured illustration, a green frog looks at the white building of Eye, which some people say looks like a sitting frog


Filmmagie is watching and making. Discover the magic of cinema with short animations from Eye’s extensive collection. The children will draw their own flipbooks.

In an overgrown field, the head of a white horse pops up from behind lush, overgrown greenery. In the background there is the facade of wooden houses that have seen better days.
Janis Rafa, Landscape Depressions, 2023. Film still, single-channel video with sound, 25 min. Courtesy the artist © Janis Rafa

Janis Rafa – Feed me. Cheat me. Eat me.

The exhibition by Greek artist and filmmaker Janis Rafa showcases evocative films and video installations that revolve around the relation between humans, animals and landscapes.

campaign image Martin Koolhoven & Ronald Simons

Koolhoven & Simons

Martin Koolhoven and Ronald Simons present a monthly ode to genre cinema. A tribute to rarely screened trailers and forgotten classics, where possible in 35mm.

campaign image Previously Unreleased

Previously Unreleased

Selected for (inter)national festivals, but never shown in Dutch cinemas on wide release. Every summer, Eye puts an end to this injustice with Previously Unreleased.

campain image Restored & Unseen
still from The Wandering Princess (Kinuyo Tanaka, JP 1960)

Restored & Unseen

Restored classics and rediscovered films, with introductions by experts.

On a red background a man sits on a director's chair, the back of the chair reads 'MR STURGES', he looks over his shoulder there at the viewer. Various characters from his films can be seen at the edges of the image.

Written and Directed by Preston Sturges

The best films by Hollywood director Preston Sturges, master of the nineteen-forties screwball comedy, can now be seen again on the big screen.

Xtended: Venice VR Expanded in Eye © Tibor Dieters
Xtended: Venice VR Expanded in Eye © Tibor Dieters


Xtended presents VR experiences by artists and filmmakers that offer alternative and challenging views of our world, touch our emotions, and make us stop and think.