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Guido van der Werve, Nummer vier, I don't want to get involved in this. I don’t want to be part of this. Talk me out of it, 2005, courtesy the artist and GRIMM Amsterdam | New York

Exhibition Guido van der Werve

Palpable Futility

12 February — 29 May 2022
The first retrospective exhibition of work by Guido van der Werve. In his universe, romanticism, nature and the sublime are never far away.
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campaign image Kino Ukraïna, still from Zemlya (Earth) (Alexander Dovzhenko, SU 1930)

Films, talks & events Kino Ukraïna

8 — 26 May 2022
Ten films by filmmakers who were born or who work in Ukraine, which has been fighting for recognition of its unique history, language and culture ever since the Maidan Revolution.
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campaign image Cinema Ecologica

From 2021: Films, Talks & Events Cinema Ecologica

#3: Whose is the Future?

How filmmakers have been imagining the relationship between humankind and planet Earth: from meditative experiences of nature to astounding science fiction.
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A photograph of the 360° – a space where visitors are surrounded by nearly 100 film clips from the collection

Permanent presentation

The most beautiful cinematic equipment in our collection

The most beautiful cinematic equipment in our collection is on display in our permanent presentation.
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