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In a still from Saodat Ismailova's Two Horizons, two hilltops feature in a midnight-blue landscape, one in the front and one further back. A shining star is right above the hill furthest back.

Exhibition Saodat Ismailova

18 000 Worlds

21 January — 4 June 2023
In her first retrospective exhibition 18,000 Worlds, Saodat Ismailova guides us into the hidden world of myth and ritual in Central Asia.
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Two protesting women stand encircled by police officers wearing helmets, they appear to be shouting, one has her first raised in the air (campaign image Meet the Archive 2023)

Hidden treasures from Eye's collection Meet the Archive 2023

3 June 2023
Eye’s curators and restorers present their latest discoveries including films from Cinemien and the archives of Dutch producer Matthijs van Heijingen. Free admission.
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In an impressionistic black and white image made up in virtual reality, a number of women, of all ages and all dressed in large late-Victorian dresses, are pictured floating around a space which has old images of city housing as its background (campaign image Walzer (Leo Erken & Frieda Gustavs, NL 2022))

VR, films & talks Xtended

Cinematographic and artistic VR

Xtended presents VR experiences by artists and filmmakers that offer alternative and challenging views of our world, touch our emotions, and make us stop and think.
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Film Catcher (permanent presentation) (© Jordi Wallenburg)

Permanent presentation

The most beautiful cinematic equipment in our collection

The most beautiful cinematic equipment in our collection is on display in our permanent presentation.
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