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A beach is filled with hundreds of juicy red crabs (still from Echos aus einem düsteren Reich (Werner Herzog, DE 1990); campaign image Werner Herzog – The Ecstatic Truth)

Exhibition, films, talks & events Werner Herzog

The Ecstatic Truth

18 June — 1 October 2023
Werner Herzog has fascinated audiences for more than fifty years. In his search for the 'ecstatic truth', Herzog stylises images to reveal a deeper level of truth.
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On a red background a man sits on a director's chair, the back of the chair reads 'MR STURGES', he looks over his shoulder there at the viewer. Various characters from his films can be seen at the edges of the image.

Films, talks & events Written and Directed by Preston Sturges

King of the Screwball Comedy

21 September — 15 October 2023
The best films by Hollywood director Preston Sturges, master of the nineteen-forties screwball comedy, can now be seen again on the big screen.
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campaign image Eye Classics

Ongoing Eye Classics

Do you know your classics?

Eye now brings film history even closer with Eye Classics. On the big screen, screened in 35mm whenever possible.
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In the foreground you can see the computer screen with which you control the wall with projections

Permanent exhibition

Open daily

On the lower level and throughout Eye we illuminate various aspects of the world of the moving image. Learn about how film developed, from its early beginnings to the present day.
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