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Eye is sometimes called ‘the cinematic memory of the Netherlands’. And in all modesty, that title is no exaggeration.

This national museum for film, located on Amsterdam’s IJ harbour, manages more than 40.000 films from all genres. The collection represents an outstanding sample of film history, from classics and blockbusters to cult films. But Eye does not only focus on the past: it also closely follows the latest developments in film by organizing new acquisitions, programmes, and debates. The building is open every day for anyone who is interested in film and film culture. Our visitors are welcome in four cinemas, an exhibition space, a floor dedicated to educational activities, a shop, and a bar-restaurant.

Eye is internationally acclaimed for its knowledge of and expertise in the field of film restoration, research, and education. The organization has 165 employees who do their very best to make everything you would want to know about film easily accessible. For young and old, for film enthusiasts and professionals, and from constantly changing perspectives, Eye focuses on film as an art form, as entertainment, and as part of digital visual culture.

Eye was founded in 2010 as a result of the merger between four organizations: the Filmmuseum, Holland Film, the Filmbank, and the Netherlands Institute for Film Education.

Organizational structure

Eye is divided into four sectors:

  • Collection
  • Operations
  • Presentation & Education
  • Marketing, Communication & Events

Eye has about 165 employees. For more information, you can download the organizational chart at the bottom of this page.

Sandra den Hamer

Board of Trustees
Alexander Rinnooy Kan (voorzitter), Caroline Princen, Gunay Uslu, Siebe van Elsloo, Lex ter Braak, Marc van Warmerdam en Chafina Bendahman.

Management Team
Sandra den Hamer (Director)
Ido Abram (Deputy Director)
Stan Spijkerman (Business Deputy Director)
Frank Roumen (Sector Manager for the Collection)
Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator)
Marjolijn Bronkhuyzen (Sector Manager for Marketing, Communication & Events)
Jaap Guldemond (Director of Exhibitions)

Tasks and activities

Eye manages the national film heritage of the Netherlands and maintains a collection that now includes more than 40,000 films, 60,000 film posters, hundreds of thousands of still photographs, and special paper archives including the Jean Desmet Collection. One of the main tasks of the collection is to restore films from the pioneering days of cinema up until the present and to make them digitally available. More about the Eye collection.

Eye is especially active in the field of education. This department works closely with the educational branch, the film industry, and libraries to stimulate media literacy among young people. MovieZone and Klassefilm are just a few of Eye's long-term educational projects aimed at primary and secondary education. More about Education.

The Eye cinemas screen about twenty films per day, ranging from the earliest silent comedies to contemporary experimental productions. When you also consider the four major exhibitions in the exhibition space, as well as Eye’s various collaborations with universities, the Concertgebouw, and many festivals, it is plain to see that Eye seriously aims at having as broad a profile as possible. Eye also focuses on exciting (online) presentations, where live music, talks, and other forms of expression play an important role. See an overview.

Eye endeavours to stimulate a passion for film among the widest possible audience. Eye sees itself as the ambassador for film and wants to remove the threshold that used to be associated with the fancy word ‘cinematography’. Eye is meant for connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants to be enticed by the image. To realize this mission, Eye actively cooperates with various parties in the cultural sector and the business world. Abroad, Eye International is the face of Dutch film.

organization chart

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