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still from Castle of Sand (Yoshitaro Nomura, JP 1974)

Castle of Sand

Yoshitaro Nomura / JP, 1974 / 143 min.

Tragic detective film that criss-crosses rural Japan in search of the solution to a murder mystery. According to Japanese critics, Nomura's classic is still one of the best Japanese audience hits of all times.

poster Castle of Sand (Yoshitaro Nomura, JP 1974)
A seasoned detective and his younger partner are investigating the murder of Miki, a beloved police officer and pillar of the community, but they can’t find a shred of motive. The Castle of Sand is based on Seicho Matsumoto's hugely popular novel, published in 1960. The story, convincingly brought to life by Nomura, shows a damaged society dominated by suspicion. This film was fourteen years in the making by studio Shochiku, which in 1974 was trying to make films for the mass audiences that at that time had deserted the cinemas for television.

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Yoshitaro Nomura

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Suna no utsuwa


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Shochiku 100

Yasujiro Ozu, Masaki Kobayashi, Takeshi Kitano: the masters of Japanese cinema. But did you know that their work was made possible by Shochiku? In 2022 Eye is marking over one hundred years of one of Japan’s oldest, and largest, film companies.

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campaign image Shochiku 100 (still from Carmen Comes Home (Keisuke Kinoshita, JP 1951))
still from Castle of Sand (Yoshitaro Nomura, JP 1974)
still from Castle of Sand (Yoshitaro Nomura, JP 1974)

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