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still from De gevangenen van Buñuel (Ramón Gieling, NL 2000)

De gevangenen van Buñuel

Ramón Gieling / NL, 2000 / 70 min.

Filmmaker Ramón Gieling reconsiders Buñuel’s infamous documentary on the inhabitants of the village of Las Hurdes in the barren Extremadura, the poorest region of Spain. He returned to Las Hurdes to portray its residents today.

poster De gevangenen van Buñuel (Ramón Gieling, NL 2000)
In 1932, Luis Buñuel made a documentary about Las Hurdes, a village in a remote region of Western Spain. Buñuel depicted the village and environs as hell on earth: a place plagued by hunger, disease and shortages, populated by dwarfs, madmen and worn-out women. A neutral commentator’s voice sums up the most abominable facts.

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Ramón Gieling

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De gevangenen van Buñuel


70 min.


English, Spanish





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Ramón Gieling at Work

Filmmaker, writer, theatre-maker, visual artist: in every role Ramón Gieling wants to get to the bottom of things and see what drives people. The maker of En un momento dado, an extraordinary film about Johan Cruyff’s years in Barcelona, and Erbarme dich (St Matthew Passion), likes to explore the boundary between reality and imagination.

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Ramón Gieling © Bob Bronshoff

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