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Double indemnity 1

Double Indemnity

Billy Wilder / US, 1944 / 107 min.

A film noir masterpiece involving an insurance agent, a femme fatale and an intrigue full of brilliant verbal fireworks – trust Billy Wilder to come up with the goods.

poster Double Indemnity
Insurance salesman Walter Neff is captivated by Phyllis Dietrichson, who wants to take out life insurance without her husband knowing. Neff immediately suspects she wants to kill the latter. He is so entranced that he becomes increasingly involved in her plot. Billy Wilder conveys Neff's paranoia like no other. The sparkling verbal fireworks are delightful.

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Billy Wilder

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Double Indemnity


107 min.







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Film Noir

Rain-drenched streets, curls of cigarette smoke, and men with a dark past. An inescapable fate and a femme fatale, sly and sexually independent. This summer Eye is presenting an extended programme of classic film noir, featuring masterpieces such as The Third Man and In a Lonely Place starring Humphrey Bogart. With vintage 35mm prints and newly restored works.

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