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still from DraMAYAma (Jeanette Groenendaal)


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Jeanette Groenendaal / NL, GT, IN, 2022 / 99 min.

Branly, timekeeper in Iximulew -Corn Land/Guatemala- a 21st century Mayan, goes on a cosmic quest for meaning and reaffirmation of his Mayan spirituality through the echoes of an ancient civilization in the Vedic South of India.

poster DraMAYAma (Jeanette Groenendaal)

Experience a space time travel to the past, present and future through the eyes of Branly Gio López, timekeeper in Iximulew -Corn Land/Guatemala- along rituals for the planets of our solar system still alive in the Dravidian temples in the Vedic South of India.

Ever since the ‘End of the Mayan calendar’ Branly has researched techniques and the meaning of Mayan cosmology, trying to recover ancient rituals and knowledge painfully devastated by 500 years of colonization. During his vision quest he slowly recognizes deep roots in the echoes of an old civilization.

Meanwhile the volcano erupts, the temple-elephant dies and the turtle breathes home.

Dramayama has been screened on Garifuna International Indigenous Filmfestival Los Angelas, Virginia Dare- Cinematic Arts Awards for Decolonizing Re-Indigenizing Media in the USA and has its Indian premiere on Jaipur International FilmFestival in Rajastan.

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Jeanette Groenendaal

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99 min.


Spanish, Mayan languages, English, Sanskrit (Sa?sk?ta), Tamil





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still from DraMAYAma (Jeanette Groenendaal)
still from DraMAYAma (Jeanette Groenendaal)

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