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still Frida - Viva La Vida (Giovanni Troilo, IT 2019)

Frida - Viva la vida

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Giovanni Troilo / IT, 2019 / 98 min.

The revolutionary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has now become a pop icon. But who was she really? Asia Argento explores in this documentary the different sides of Frida Kahlo: pioneering artist, symbol of contemporary feminism but also a human being tortured by pain and love.

poster Frida - Viva La Vida (Giovanni Troilo, IT 2019)

“I lost three children and a series of other things that would have fulfilled my horrible life. My painting took the place of all this.” The documentary Frida. Viva la vida, a journey through the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), opens with this quotation from Kahlo. The idea that suffering lies at the root of the creative sprit has a long history. It is striking how much energy and vitality her paintings exude, even as they depict pain.


Persons under 9 years must be accompanied by an adultScenes from this movie may cause fear


Giovanni Troilo

Production year




Original title

Frida - Viva la vida


98 min.


Spanish, English





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still Frida - Viva La Vida (Giovanni Troilo, IT 2019)
still Frida - Viva La Vida (Giovanni Troilo, IT 2019)

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