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Still Hallo Wereld

Hallo Wereld!

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Anne-Lise Koehler, Éric Serre / FR, 2019 / 62 min.

In this marvellously imaginative debut of papier mâché and stop-motion animation, a vibrant habitat awakens. Together with the animals, kids discover the natural world step by step in Hello World!

Poster Hallo Wereld

Who am I? Do I have legs? How do I learn to breathe? And oh, … what would I like for dinner? At least ten different animal species are born, live and get along beside a river. The long-eared owl takes flight and lives a second life at night! The waterbird makes itself invisible, dances with the seaweed and catches a fish. The kingfisher is looking for a place to bask in the sun.

Find out who loves to build on the river bank and get to know an enormous pike who sets out in search of adventure. Then there are the pond turtle, the Irish bat and the fire salamander. Together they all cheer: “Hello world!”

With the voices of Kristel Verbeke, Chris Schep, Helle van der Heyden, Daphne Wellens, Ini Massez.



Anne-Lise Koehler, Éric Serre

Production year




Original title

Bonjour le monde


62 min.





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Still Hallo Wereld
Still Hallo Wereld

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