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Kleine Anna en Lange Oom

Alicja Jaworski, Lasse Persson, Per Åhlin / SE, 2018 / 45 min.

Little Anna is a film that feels like crawling into a beautiful picture book, with small stories coming to life in its appealing images. 3+

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Anna's uncle is her very best friend. She simply calls him 'Tall Uncle' as he is truly tall, much taller than her mother and father. But being tall does not mean he is stronger or braver than other people. Actually, little Anna often has to teach Tall Uncle things or help him overcome his fears. When little Anna builds a treehouse, she has to build a little security fence around it. It is only then that Tall Uncle dares to enter it, even though his feet almost touch the ground when he finally does.

The clear drawing style of this Swedish animation is both beautiful and powerful.

A ticket grants access to both the film programme and the Playground of the Imagination.

A ticket with a Stadspas with a green dot is € 1,- and can be reserved via Send an email with the subject 'Reservation request Stadspasactie' containing the time, date and title of the screening and your first and last name. The tickets are only reserved if you have received a confirmation by email. Read more on the festival page.



Alicja Jaworski, Lasse Persson, Per Åhlin

Production year




Original title

Kleine Anna en Lange Oom


45 min.





Part of

Taartrovers Film Festival 2021

Taartrovers Film Festival is visiting Eye with a programme created especially for young children aged two to nine. Here you can watch wonderful films and discover the Playground of the Imagination, an artistic landscape filled with playful installations. Children can move freely through this landscape to explore, touch and taste.

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