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still Les Olympiades (Jacques Audiard, FR 2021)

Les Olympiades

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Jacques Audiard / FR, 2021 / 105 min.

Les Olympiades is based on the graphic novel Killing and Dying by the American Adrian Tomine. However, directed by Jacques Audiard and with script contributions from Céline Sciamma, this playful portrait of young Parisians trying to shape their lives could not be more French.

poster Les Olympiades (Jacques Audiard, FR 2021)
The 13th arrondissement and its 1970’s high rises is not the most romantic district in Paris. It is more the cold banlieu from La haine than the cosy Montmartre of Amélie. Although Les Olympiades centres on the relationship issues of three people in their thirties, the women aren’t looking for Mr Perfect and the man is too busy to find Cinderella. Emilie, Camille and Nora are all looking, but not necessarily for the love of their life. Webcam contact with a porn actress sometimes suffices too.


Prior to Les Olympiades you will see the short film La Balayeuse (4') by Janica Draisma from 1992. This short animated dance film is the first part of a series about the street sweeper Bala, and is set in Paris where Bala meets a spider, a street sweeper and a green dancer.


This movie contains scenes showing explicit sexThis movie contains scenes with alcohol and/or drug useThis movie contains foul language


Jacques Audiard

Production year




Original title

Les Olympiades


105 min.


French, Mandarin Chinese





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still Les Olympiades (Jacques Audiard, FR 2021)
still Les Olympiades (Jacques Audiard, FR 2021)

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