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still Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson, US 2021)

Licorice Pizza

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Paul Thomas Anderson / US, 2021 / 134 min.

Director/scriptwriter Paul Thomas Anderson got his friends and acquaintances involved to make Licorice Pizza. This led to an upbeat ode to the place and time that shaped Anderson as a child – partly based on a childhood friend’s memories. A home movie? Perhaps, but one by a master storyteller.

poster Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson, US 2021)
How believable is it if a 16-year-old kid manages to seduce a 25-year-old woman? In Los Angeles, in 1973, with Hollywood’s glamour a stone’s throw away, nothing is impossible. Child actor Gary is set to start something new there, a waterbed company. Alana, the school photographer’s assistant, is intrigued by Gary's bravado, but also has her own agenda. Two young people embodying the carefree, freewheeling spirit of the era. Eye screens the film both on analogue 70mm-material and DCP.


This movie contains scenes of explicit discriminationPersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Paul Thomas Anderson

Production year




Original title

Licorice Pizza


134 min.







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still Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson, US 2021)
still Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson, US 2021)

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