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still from Zeezucht (Marlies van der Wel, NL 2015)

Magische Films

Magical Films

Come and discover films full of magic from Eye’s collection. The winner of the Academy Award for Best Short Animated Film, enchanting dance films and inspired short films that show people chasing their dreams.

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Discover the magical films in the Eye collection! Today, you can find out about enchanting dance films, short films in which people follow their dreams and even a film that won an Academy Award for Best Short Animated Film.


  • Les six soeurs Dainef (FR 1902, 3’)

    Six female acrobats playfully called 'Les reines du tapis' show off their best moves on stage.

  • A Dream of Toyland (Arthur Melbourne-Cooper, GB 1907, 5’)

    About a boy whose mother lets him choose some toys. At night, he dreams that the toys come alive…

  • De kast (Maarten Koopman, NL 1988, 8’)

    At night, when the people are sleeping, the things in the cupboard make music.

  • Tom Poes in dromenland (Henk Kabos, NL 1949, 4’)

    Advertising film for radios with Ollie B. Bommel and Tom Poes in the lead roles. Made in Marten Toonder’s famous Toonder Studio's.

  • Dancin' the Camera (Pieter Rim de Kroon, NL 2015, 9’)

    Tap dancer goes on a voyage of discovery through black-and-white film. The camera is camera, decor, and character all in one and seduces the dancer into a duet.

  • Mr Hublot (Laurent Witz & Alexandre Espigares, FR 2014, 11’)

    Mr Hublot lives in a world that is still almost completely analogue. The arrival of the dog Robot Pet turns Hublot’s life upside down. Oscar winner for Best Animated Short 2014.

  • Zeezucht (Marlies van der Wel, NL 2015, 11’)

    Jonas wants to become one with the sea. All his life, Jonas has been combing the beaches, searching for objects to build bizarre installations designed to help him make a new life for himself among the fishes.



52 min.

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still from De kast (Maarten Koopman, NL 1988)
still from Dancin' the Camera (Pieter Rim de Kroon, NL 2015)

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