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Still from Tjoet nja' Dhien (1988)

Masterclass - Global Audiovisual Archiving: North-South Exchange in Knowledge and Practices

In the masterclass ‘Global Audiovisual Archiving: North-South Exchange in Knowledge and Practices’, international experts will share their views in a round table discussion on the topic of the upcoming 7th Eye International Conference on Global Audiovisual Archiving (2022).

Once Upon a Time Cinema (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 1989)
Audiovisual archives are invaluable sources of images from our past, present and our future-in-the-making. Circulating more often, on big or small screens, film heritage seems to become more and more accessible in our hyper-visual world of today. Doubts remain, however, regarding how the global film heritage can travel across the political and geographical borders. Indeed, how does the film heritage from the Global South reach the Global North, and vice versa? What role do archives play in these flows? How can different archival practices collide, to provide a more balanced, sustainable and diverse view of the world’s film heritage?

Reuniting experts from various areas of the world, this masterclass in the form of a roundtable aims to tackle these questions and draw a more inclusive picture of the global audiovisual archiving landscape.

Roundtable led by Maral Mohsenin (Cinémathèque suisse, University of Lausanne/University of Amsterdam). With Juana Suárez (New York University), Aboubakar Sanogo (University of Carleton), Karen Chan (Asian Film Archive), and Giovanna Fossati (Eye/University of Amsterdam).

Tjoet nja’ Dhien

As part of this masterclass, Eye presents the restoration of the Indonesian film Tjoet nja’ Dhien (1988) on the Eye Film Player.

Tjoet nja’ Dhien is an epic anti-colonial film about the Aceh war, the long and bloody struggle against the colonial Dutch rule in the sultanate of Aceh in Indonesia. This esthetically shot film portrays the unique character of the female guerrilla fighter Tjoet nja’ Dhien. After her husband and rebel leader Teuku Umar is killed in an ambush, she takes on the Dutch colonial army herself and starts leading the numerous guerilla warriors of Aceh.

The film, often praised for its delicate lighting, covers the period from 1876 to 1906. In 1871, the independence of the Aceh sultanate in northern Sumatra came to an end when the Dutch placed it under colonial rule. Aceans, known for their courageous characters, resisted fiercely, which led to a bloody war that lasted for decades. Teuku Umar, one of the most important resistance leaders, married Tjoet nja’ Dhien in 1880, who was also part of the resistance movement. When Umar died, she set herself up as the new, charismatic, and fearless leader and remained so for ten years. As her deeds became legendary, she was proclaimed a national heroine in 1964.


On May 20th 2021, the restored version of this captivating film premiered in Jakarta. This restoration was carried out by Eye Filmmuseum and ID FilmCentre in 2017 and 2018, in close collaboration with director Eros Djarot and producer Alwin Abdullah.


Part of

Eye International Conference 2021

In lieu of the 2021 edition of the Eye International Conference, cancelled due to Covid-19, Eye presents two online masterclasses looking back and ahead at the previous and upcoming Eye International Conference.

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