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Sam de Jong / NL, 2021 / 79 min.

When Eveline’s brand-new video camera is stolen, she makes up a story about being robbed to make the insurance company pay out. But her lie sets off a chain of events that results only in everyone losing. Idiosyncratic as ever, Sam de Jong creates a neon-lit ’80s video fantasy, with Shahine El-Hamus, Hadewych Minis and Gijs Naber.

poster Met mes (Sam de Jong, NL 2021)
A television personality is distracted momentarily while filming her passion project – 'a warm, endearing portrait of this society' – and suddenly her camera is gone. Logically enough, the police don’t take her very seriously when she reports the theft, and the insurers refuse to pay out. Until she makes up a story about being robbed 'at knifepoint'. A lie that has huge consequences for the young suspect, Yousef.


Prior to Met Mes you will see the short film Malaguti Phantom (10') by Sam de Jong from 2014 about outsider Jeroen. With a slightly disfigured face, minimal social skills and a dilapidated moped with which he can't show himself either, it doesn't get along. His aim is nevertheless clear. He must and will find a connection with the tough boys and girls from his simple rural village.


Persons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultScenes from this movie may cause fearThis movie contains foul language


Sam de Jong

Production year




Original title

Met mes


79 min.








Earcatch, Subcatch

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still Met mes (Sam de Jong, NL 2021)
still Met mes (Sam de Jong, NL 2021)

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