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still Mijn Vader is een Saucisse

Mijn vader is een saucisse

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Anouk Fortunier / BE, 2021 / 84 min.

Zoë (12) is best buddies with her father. When in a rush of blood to the head he decides to give up his job as a banker and become a professional actor, his parents get into a huge fight. Zoë is the only one who supports her father’s plan, and wants to help him achieve his dream.

Poster mijn vader is een saucisse
When Paul (Johan Heldenbergh) decides to give up his dull but reliable office job as a banker, his children are not best pleased. Especially when their father decides to follow his dream and become an actor. Is it a burn-out? A midlife crisis? When his ambitious wife Véronique (Hilde De Baerdemaeker) comes home after yet another business trip and hears the news, all hell breaks loose.


This movie is suitable for all agesThis movie contains foul language


Anouk Fortunier

Production year




Original title

Mijn vader is een saucisse


84 min.







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still Mijn Vader is een Saucisse
still Mijn Vader is een Saucisse

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