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Guido van der Werve, Nummer twaalf

Schaken, film, kunst

Guido van der Werve – Palpable Futility

Occasioned by the Guido van der Werve exhibition, chess grand master, author and columnist Hans Ree provides his take on the relationship between chess and the arts. The talk with Guus Luijters will be interlarded with wonderful chess scenes from films. What is at stake in chess and what does this have in common with the arts?

poster Guido van der Werve special: Schaken, film, kunst
This evening was occasioned by Guido van der Werve’s film Nummer twaalf (2009). The first part of this work was shot at the famous Marshall Chess Club in Manhattan.


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Hans Ree



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Guido van der Werve

In the world of Guido van der Werve, Romanticism, nature and the sublime are never far away. His films explore the futility of existence, yet they also capture its endless beauty.

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Guido van der Werve, Nummer vier, I don't want to get involved in this. I don’t want to be part of this. Talk me out of it, 2005, courtesy the artist and GRIMM Amsterdam | New York
Guido van der Werve, Nummer twaalf
Guido van der Werve, Nummer twaalf

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