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Still Sia de Rebelse Bosfee

Sia, de rebelse bosfee

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Marja Pyykkö / FI, NL, NO, 2021 / 89 min.

A cheerful and exciting story about the rebel fairy Sihja and an eccentric young boy. They must harness all their courage and strength to expose an evil genius and save nature from destruction.

Poster Sia de Rebelse Bosfeea

Sihja is a young, charming and mischievous fairy who exchanges her home in the woods for a life in the city. There she meets Alfred (11), who is wild about nature. Soon they become the best of friends. Sihja loves the city, its angular shapes, pretty parking spaces and the habits of the people who live there.

She soon feels at home and has lots of fun with Alfred and his friends, until one day, the birds start dropping from the sky in the streets of the city. Might the awfully smelly fertilizer factory, where Alfred’s dad works, be responsible?

Alfred and Sihja decide to find out what is threatening nature and what they can do to prevent forest life from being destroyed. Aided by Sihja’s anarchic fairy powers, the two battle to rescue nature. With the voices of Lely Zeger, Kevin Hassing, Marlies Somers, Lina Roeland.


Persons under 6 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains scenes of violence


Marja Pyykkö

Production year




Original title

Sia, de rebelse bosfee


89 min.





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Still Sia de Rebelse Bosfee
Still Sia de Rebelse Bosfee

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