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still Sisyphus at Work (Ramon Gieling, NL 2020)

Sisyphus at Work

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Ramón Gieling / NL, 2020 / 127 min.

After many years away, Boy Talma returns to the city of his birth, Den Bosch, to shoot his latest film: an all-singing, all-dancing variation on the Sisyphus theme of senselessness. Shortly before starting, he hears that he only has nine months to live.

poster Sisyphus at Work (Ramon Gieling, NL 2020)
Boy decides to keep his death sentence to himself, but the scenes he comes up with for his film start to correspond to his own life. He dishes out roles in his imagined film to acquaintances, friends and lovers, while making a last, rebellious journey as part of a special friendship with thirteen-year-old Virginia. Without him knowing it, all of these characters will accompany him to the very end of the road.

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Ramón Gieling

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Sisyphus at Work


127 min.









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Ramón Gieling at Work

Filmmaker, writer, theatre-maker, visual artist: in every role Ramón Gieling wants to get to the bottom of things and see what drives people. The maker of En un momento dado, an extraordinary film about Johan Cruyff’s years in Barcelona, and Erbarme dich (St Matthew Passion), likes to explore the boundary between reality and imagination.

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Ramón Gieling © Bob Bronshoff

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still Sisyphus at Work (Ramon Gieling, NL 2020)
still Sisyphus at Work (Ramon Gieling, NL 2020)

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