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Taartrovers Maxi Atelier

Taartrovers Maxi Atelier

Taartrovers Maxi Atelier

Step into a moving camera! Visit Taartrovers Maxi Atelier to play with film and movement. Suitable for ages 7-12 years.

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Help build a 3D landscape, made completely out of cardboard. We’ll build more every day to make a growing, new world. You can then explore this fantastic world with a moving camera that you can steer through the landscape. Or make a flying shot from high up in the air. Tired from all that moving? Then dive into one of the Stop Motion studios to learn how to make a film one shot at a time. Here, anything – really anything – is possible.

  • Taartrovers Maxi Atelier is suitable for ages 7-12 years.
  • An accompanying adult is allowed (free of charge), but is not required.

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Taartrovers Maxi Atelier
Taartrovers Maxi Atelier

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  • 20 January — 20 May 2024

    Paravel & Castaing-Taylor

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