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still The Trouble with Nature (Illum Jacobi, DK 2020)

The Trouble with Nature 

Illum Jacobi / DK, 2020 / 95 min.

Edmund Burke, the father of conservatism, also fathered the sublime: an experience which makes you tremble with fear and pleasure, in awe of nature’s grand scale. In this road movie Burke – anything but an outdoorsman – hikes through the overwhelming Alps.

poster The Trouble with Nature (Illum Jacobi, DK 2020)
Rampant debt and a significant midlife crisis send philosopher Edmund Burke (Antony Langdon) fleeing from London to embark on an expedition through the French Alps. He brings along a servant on loan from his brother's plantation in the West Indies, a young indigenous woman named Awak (Nathalia Acevedo from Post Tenebras Lux). Together they set out to discover the sublime in this 18th-century road movie. Ill-equipped for the outdoor life, Burke whinges the days away while Awak carries all their supplies and makes sure his face is perpetually powdered.

With ample snark and a masterful sense of natural light, Jacobi, acting as both cinematographer and director, constructs each scene of his debut feature with a sense of humour and a delicate frame. Will Burke find a fitting subject for his philosophical inquiry in the immensity of Mother Nature's beauty? Or will the natural world become his master in the end? (IFFR)

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The Trouble with Nature 


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still The Trouble with Nature (Illum Jacobi, DK 2020)
still The Trouble with Nature (Illum Jacobi, DK 2020)

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