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still from Angels of Amsterdam ((Anna Abrahams & Avinash Changa)

VR artist talks: Angels of Amsterdam+Hands-on Hamlet+Samen/Apart

Opening night Xtended: Venice VR Expanded

The makers of three VR installations on show at Eye explain their work in words, images and with live music.

poster Xtended: Venice VR Expanded 2021

How have the Angels of Amsterdam been reborn after some 350 years? Who were Elsje Christiaens, Maritgen Jansz, Juliana and Soete Cut? How can it be that the problems they faced are still urgent issues today? Why is VR of all things such a suitable medium for helping audiences experience this? Anna Abrahams and Avinash Changa introduce you to their process. Featuring live music: Harald Austbo's composition 'Women Are Not Welcome on a Boat'.

Visual designer Demian Albers and author Micha Hamel will provide insight into the creative process behind their latest work Apart / Together in which the audience’s interaction can determine the order of events and allows the former to choose between the various narrative paths.

Hamlet is perhaps the first theatrical play to stage the thinking mind. The former’s era and location signify a major shift from a medieval cosmological perspective to a pre-modern one. Can this be blended with the perspective changing potential of VR? Leading dramatist Chiel Kattenbelt and Eric Joris, CREW’s artistic lead behind the project, will explain all during a 30-minute talk.

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Virtual Reality productions are an increasingly important element of the contemporary film experience. Eye has created a new programme, Xtended, to focus on VR. In Xtended, you’re not confronted with the flat surface of a film screen. You move around virtually in 3D through a designed space that surrounds and immerses you on all sides.

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Xtended: Angels in Amsterdam in Eye © Tibor Dieters

Why in Eye

On the opening night of the new edition of Xtended, Eye invites VR-makers to give an artist’s talk.

Hands on Hamlet beeld
still from Apart / Together (Demian Albers and Micha Hamel)

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